by PJ Wade

You can be sure even in the face of uncertainty.

Pundits and professionals can’t agree on the state of real estate markets and whether prices are on the way down, but if you’re sure you want to become a homeowner, or to sell and move into the next “best place,” go for it.

That’s not encouragement to jump in over “your financial head,” or to go against obvious warning signs in your local real estate market. This is encouragement to take a close look at exactly what is more uncertain than usual, and how you can protect yourself against often-overlooked real estate problems.

Part one of remorse-free buying is to search out the most knowledgeable, committed real estate professional, or real estate team, with proven experience with the location and type of real estate you want to buy and/or sell. Don’t just GoogleTM for the best online presentation. Interview a few possibilities on the phone and face to face. Dig deep into their knowledge base with your questions to see where value lies for you.

Part two of remorse-avoidance is to use the professional to learn about local market and sales patterns for the past few years. With professional advice, become your own best advocate since you don’t want to be a sheep led to the deal, but an active force in making an informed decision.

Avoid Buyer’s Remorse Using Foresight

1. No one knows for sure

Whenever you, or anyone you rely on, thinks they know for sure what is happening in the real estate market, you’re in trouble. Everyone is smart about real estate in hindsight. Beforehand, success with real estate is less about knowing you’re right, and more about foresight

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9 Tips for Plunging in AND Avoiding Buyer’s Remorse