Try a large remodeling project on your own and you could end up in one of these DIY nightmares.

By Lee Nelson

Your cousin says he can help you remodel your bathroom. He’s not a plumber and has absolutely no experience doing any carpentry work. But he’s cheap, so what could possibly go wrong?

A whole lot, actually – including your relationship if he messes up. Despite people’s best intentions, do-it-yourself (DIY) disasters happen all the time. And not knowing what you’re doing can not only be costly, but dangerous as well.

“Everyone wants to do some work themselves, and that’s okay. But you really should contact a professional ahead of time to see what your options are,” says Todd Sanwick, owner and president of Sanwick Remodeling Contractors in Omaha, Neb.

Before you tear down walls or purchase new tile, he emphasizes at least calling a contractor to determine your options. Doing so will give you some clue of what you will run into even if you don’t hire a professional, he says.

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