By Leah Gillis

There is a lot to know about selling a home. And we’ve covered the topic of home staging as an important factor in attracting buyers. But did you know there are specific home staging tips for winter, spring, summer and fall? It’s true — seasonal home staging can better your chances of attracting buyers throughout the year.

Home staging during cold winter months is different than staging in the summer, and with some staging tips you can make the most of your home no matter what the season. For instance, make a patio into a dining area in the summer and don’t be afraid to use flower pots in the winter.

Barb Schwarz, inventor of the phrase “home staging,” shares her seasonal tips for staging your home in every season to make sure your home stands out on the market. “The number one thing is that your home becomes a house and the house becomes a product,” says Schwarz. “That’s the underlying principle in this process, so sellers have to cut the strings of attachment.

“The bottom line: This is about getting you money, Mister Seller. It’s ‘Jerry Maguire’ time: ‘Show me the money!’”

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Home Staging Tips for Every Season