By Marilyn Lewis of MSN Real Estate
A couple of years ago, who would have guessed that you’d see this problem: too many homebuyers and not enough sellers.
The shortage of homes for sale is easing a bit. But with homes selling overnight in some cities and prices increasing by at least 10% since 2012, you’d think more homeowners would rush to pound “for sale” signs in their yards. Curiously, many still hold back.
“What gives?” we asked would-be sellers. Here are 10 reasons homeowners are stressing about the decision to sell and 10 ways they’ve found to sleep better at night.
You’re stressing: I’ll end up homeless
Manhattan-based comedian Dan Nainan yearns to trade up. “I really want a two-bedroom,” Nainan says. “I could really use the extra space, and my income has increased to the point where I can afford one.”
Selling is easy. So what’s the problem? Buying another home, that’s what. He has to sell his one-bedroom apartment first, and in the competitive Manhattan market, an eager buyer probably will displace him before he has time to find another home.

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10 reasons home sellers are still stressing