By Kelly Herdrich
When my daughters were 3 months old and 21 months old we said goodbye to our home and took a leap of faith. We leaped all the way to England, where we lived for three years before returning to America. Though our destination was something different, we aren’t unique; the recent census reports that 12.5 percent of Americans age 1 and older moved in 2010 — approximately 37.5 million people.
Now I consider myself a master of all things moving with infants and toddlers. My experience isn’t just specific to overseas relocation — what I learned about moving with wee ones is as relevant to families moving down the street as those moving cross-country.
1. Pack your child’s room last. Unpack it first. Children of all ages crave stability and comfort. Make your child’s bedroom a safe place for them in your old home and recreate that same sense of ownership for them in their new bedroom. Older children may not want their new bedroom to be identical to the old (in fact, new furniture or decor could help dull the loss of school friends and activities), but younger children will benefit from a room nearly identical to the one they left behind. Make the moving disruption as minimal as possible by packing your child’s room last and unpacking it first upon arrival.
2. Know (everything) before you go. Have the information handy for the local hospital, a new pediatrician, a dentist, your closest pharmacy, the grocery store, and the nearest chain restaurant that the kids love before you depart and arrive at your new home. If your infant gets an ear infection en route (I had it happen twice), your toddler chips a tooth and gets a bloody lip on that new front step (also happened), or your last bottle of infant pain reliever runs out on your first night in the new house (don’t even ask me how many times this has happened when moving or traveling) you’ll want to know where to go for help. Moving is a completely different experience with children; move prepared.

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