Some people like living in the past. Others, like to live with it.

By Geoff Williams,

She couldn’t quite explain what it was, but Diane Turton sensed something odd about the house she was going to buy. For starters, she hadn’t planned on buying the home at all. As a Realtor, she wanted to sell it and earn a commission. But in 2005, as she stared out at a river from the dining room, she had “a weird feeling.” It was a sensation that was validated when she consulted a psychic, who not only seemed to know she was buying a house, but who added, “There are ghosts in the house, and the ghosts want you there.”

That’s the sort of statement that might make some homeowners turn pale, offer a nervous laugh and tell their real estate agent that they’ve reconsidered. Or maybe just laugh and brush it off. But not Turton. Intrigued and perfectly content with the idea of having a ghost in the house, she and her husband moved in.

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Haunted House Hunters